Real Talk Series: Reflecting on Inequity

We've been listening, and you've been asking questions. As educators ourselves, we believe it is of the utmost importance to continue conversations with and for our community. We invite you to register for our free virtual forums - panelists convene to discuss a wide range of perspectives. Doorway to College Foundation is committed to addressing social justice concerns - we hope educators, parents, and students alike will benefit from these webinars. Register to participate live or keep an eye on our archived forums page for on-demand recordings.

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Real Talk: Admissions/Advising Professionals Reflect on Inequity

2020 brought about many changes for those with an eye on college admissions. Suddenly, college visits became virtual and college campuses obsolete. ACT/SAT requirements were waived for the class of 2021 and for others, waived altogether. What do all of these changes mean for scholarships? For college placement? For acceptance into a students' college of choice? We discuss this ever-changing landscape with professionals from across the country.

Register Now: Feb. 25, 3pm CST