Students use the online ZAPS SAT-Practice Test in a computer lab
Students can take the online ZAPS SAT-Practice Test timed to experience a full-length test under pressure of time — or untimed, for in-depth study. 

 Online Practice for the CURRENT SAT

The more practice a student gets taking the SAT, the better. The ZAPS SAT-Practice Test is a full-length, online test that mirrors the content, styles, and timing of the CURRENT SAT.  (Please note: This test is NOT appropriate for the redesigned SAT or PSAT.)

Your student will get realistic practice for all three multiple-choice subtests on the current SAT:    

    • Critical Reading
    • Mathematics
    • Writing

Note: There is no essay section on the online ZAPS SAT-Practice Test.

SAMPLE Test Item

Pictured below is a sample from the first page of the online ZAPS SAT-Practice Test. There are eight sections, featuring three Critical Reading tests, three Mathematics tests, and two Writing tests. Each item is similar in style, format, and difficulty to actual SAT and PSAT test items.

Sample from the online ZAPS SAT-Practice Test

Choose how to practice

Students can take the ZAPS ACT-Practice Test timed or untimed. There are advantages to doing both:

Taking the test timed allows students to feel the pressure of the clock ticking, making this experience feel a lot like the actual test. Some strategies discussed in the SAT seminar focus on how to use time to best advantage. Experiencing a timed test gives students an opportunity to try those strategies in a low-stakes environment.

It's a good idea for students to take the test timed first, to see how well they'll do in the actual testing situation. Then they can go back and take the test again, but ignore the timer.

By taking the test untimed, they can go slowly and think through each question until they're sure they understand it. They can make notes. Look up formulas. Discuss the question and answers with a friend, if they find that helpful. Then, when they've finished the untimed test, they can view their mistakes and study the answer explanations. 

After the test

Understanding errors is an important step in improving test performance. When your student finishes the test, they can click "Save and Continue" at the end of Section 8. They'll get an opportunity to view their scores, see how they did on each question, and read each answer explanation. 

If they've already taken the ZAPS SAT Strategy Seminar or Webinar, they can refer to their INSIDE THE SAT Study Guide for tips on correcting the errors and improving their score. 

score report

At the end of the timed test, students receive their score report, with an estimated SAT score. Remember, however, that the only truly valid score is the first, timed attempt.

ACCESS for a year

When you purchase the online ZAPS practice test for the SAT for your student, you give them unlimited access for 365 days. That way, if they take the SAT in the fall of the Junior year and don't like their SAT score, they can keep reviewing with the online ZAPS SAT-Practice test until they test again in the spring — or even in the fall of the Senior year. Or, if they're prepping for the PSAT, you might buy them the online test in their Sophomore year so they'll also do your best in the fall of your Junior year, when it counts for college admission.

The cost is only $9.99 for a full year. What are you waiting for?